James Alexander MacPherson was born in New York City and raised in South Windsor, Connecticut.  He has been passionate about music since early childhood.  His parents, also mujames-logo-perro1sicians, noticed his natural abilities at a very young age.  At 8 years old, James started playing bass guitar in the school band and electric and acoustic guitar outside of school.  As a preteen, he was already recording and performing his songs professionally.  At 13, James made his professional debut on ukulele, performing his original song Off The Top Of My Head at the Steve Shore Recovery Trust benefit.  At 14, he started his first band Iron-y with high school friends Andrew Carey, Travis Gorman and Jack Tedone.  At 15, James co-founded Bonsai Trees as a duo with his high school friend Nick Sokol.  For periods of time James and Nick were joined by bass players Jimi Cryan (2012-2015, 2017) and Sean Millane (2016).  James moved to bass guitar and was joined by guitarist Marshall Biever (2017-2018).  Today, bassist Larry Sniscak has joined the touring band and is critical part of the family.  Follow them at BonsaiTreesBand.com and on social media!


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